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Schedule Update! 08/06/17

New Stats / Schedule online



Sue looked at the courts last Friday (thank you!) and here’s the skinny on what they look like.
Court 2 – needs lines and weed work
Court 4 – fix lines only
Court 5 – weeding needed
Court 6 – needs lines and some weeding
Court 7 – needs lines and some weeding
Courts 1 and 3 are not useable. All the courts need racking and the nets will need to be reset. Sue is looking into getting the sod cutter again and sand pro which will rack the courts.
In other words, if all else fails, we may need to do some maintenance work on 6/6.


If you haven't heard, we are definitely having a volleyball season!! Start date is 6/6 at 6pm. $250/team and pay before you play. Waivers will also need to be signed on first night, so arrive early to take care of business. BYOB 😊


Here is a bulleted list (without the bullets) from our meeting Wednesday night:
Budgeting for 8 teams
$250/team for dues
Steve is emailing Wayne Patrick Wells about our bank account and if still handling scheduling
Sue Zukatis will check out the courts on Wed as someone will be there mowing (or something like that)
Jeff will secure the porta pootie (after confirmation)
We will combine A/B leagues due to # of teams
Steve is emailing Michael to confirm use of the courts and one time fee to play
Here are the largest bullets!
Thursday, June 1 will be our first night of play
Teams need to pay before you play.
All forms will be available to sign on June 1
But again, teams pay before you play!
Now, all of this is based on final confirmation that we can use the courts. I will post again once we have that confirmation. (hopefully before June 1)
That's all folks. See you on the courts!


WThere is also a Facebook page; Southern Vermont Volleyball. If you haven't joined the group, send in a request so you can keep tabs that way as well.
If you have any questions, I'll do what I can to answer them.

Thanks and see you in a week!


2016 League Dates (BYOB)

May 31 – first night of play 6pm

June 2,7,9,14,16,21 (pick up night),23,28,30

July 5 (pick up night),7,12,14,19,21,26,28

August 2,4,9,11,16,18 (no play/fair)


Playoffs – August 23,25,30 and Sept 1



Sitzmark Volleyball


54 E Dover road
wilmington, VT 05363